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Corporate Headshots Promote Your Business by Jesse Taylor – Sydney Photographer

Corporate headshots are crucial for business people wanting to ensure that they appeal to their stakeholders. While it has always been important for executives who would appear in an annual report or alongside media reports, over recent years it has become a staple for people at all levels of an organisation.

It is often the first impression someone has of you when they “meet” you through a website profile page or through social media such as Linkedin. And we all know that we don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. It is critically important when you want impress a prospect or appeal to potential employees and suppliers, and it is a great way to share something about your organisation.

A photo not only tells the viewer what you look like, but also a little about your personality. Your expression, the clothes you wear, and the style of photograph all reveal things about you to the viewer. And the viewer is able to see whether you are approachable, friendly, trustworthy, creative, unconventional, professional and a million other things, and to form a view about whether they want to work with you.

In the next couple of posts I’ll talk about traditional headshots and contemporary headshots.

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