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Corporate Headshots – The Public Face of an Organisation

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Whatever term you prefer to use, these photos are the public face of many businesses.

Some organisations  will be represented by a small number of high level staff: the CEO, the board, and senior executives. In other organisations, and particularly in smaller business, a higher proportion of people interface with clients and other stakeholders.

Regardless of how many people interact with the public, it’s now important for all of these people to have professional profile shots.

This is because it’s not only an organisation’s brand that matters, but also the people behind the brand. We want to know who we’re doing business with, and being anonymous in the age of ubiquitous social media just doesn’t cut it.

Furthermore, these people represent the company and the company brand. A low quality photograph of any member of staff reflects badly on the organisation, and even more so if it’s a key senior staff member or the business leader. How can an organisation look professional if the photos of it’s staff are amateurish? What do our customers and clients think of us if we don’t present ourselves in a professional manner?

An experienced corporate headshot photographer knows how to capture an executive’s personality, but equally important a good professional photographer will ensure that the photographs align with the brand and image that the company seeks to portray.

I work closely with the marketing and communications teams to ensure that I capture the personalities of both the individual and the organisation, and that both are seen in the best light.

To put it another way, I create images that capture the brand personality.

To find out more about my services, and to obtain a quote, please contact us.

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