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Corporate Photography Tip: Preparing for your Headshot by Jesse Taylor – Sydney Photography

Today I’ve got another corporate photography tip, following on from my previous post for organisers of corporate portrait photoshoots. Today here are my FAQs for those who will be in front of the camera.

  1. What to wear? Consider how the photo will be used and what you want to say about yourself and your business. This may mean a suit, company branded clothing, a uniform, or a more casual look may be appropriate. Neutral colours usually work well, and it’s best to avoid clothing with complex or fine patterns.
  2. How does it work? I have everything set up ready when you arrive. I check that you look great – ties are straightened, any lint is brushed off, and you can check your hair and make-up in a mirror we bring with us. Then I show you how to pose, talking you through it all to ensure I get the best image of you. I always take several shots so that I know I’ve got some great options to choose from.
  3. Tips for getting a great shot. First, take a couple of slow deep breaths to help you relax. When looking at the camera think about someone you know such as a client, colleague, friend or partner, and pretend you’re looking at them. The feelings this brings on the inside help make your expression more genuine. Most importantly, listen to the photographer as I will talk you through everything and know how to make you look your best.
  4. Who choose my shot? This depends on what your organisation has decided. Sometimes you choose your preferred photo yourself right away or from proofs a few days later. Someone from your organisation may choose for you, or I am often asked to pick the best photo for you. Whatever happens, I’ll always show you the shots at the time so you have a good idea of what the final photo will look like.
  5. What about retouching? All photos get the “Spa Treatment”, making you look like you’ve just had a fantastic break at your favourite retreat. You look rested and refreshed, your eyes are bright and your skin is clear, and the tell tale signs of our hectic lives are smoothed away. I’m also happy to accommodate any specific requests.

Our aim is to make the process fast and fun, and we’re available to answer any questions in advance to make sure it all goes smoothly on the day, so just get in contact if there’s anything we can help with.

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