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Corporate Photography Tip: Organising Headshot & Portrait Photography, by Jesse Taylor – Sydney Photographer

Today I’ve got a corporate photography tip, the first of a 2 part series about preparing for corporate portrait photoshoots. Today’s tips of for organisers of corporate headshot photography.

When I’m working with suppliers I always look for people who are a pleasure to deal with and make the process as simple as possible for me. So when I’m the supplier I hold myself to the same high standards.

Of course, everyone says they have great service, so allow me to give you an insight into what this means when you work with me on your corporate headshots.

I often find that people organising photoshoots are doing it for the first time, or have only done so a couple of times before. Meanwhile I have done shot many thousands of headshots, so I am an expert and I see it as my role to help you develop a good brief and organise an efficient and seamless shoot. That way you’re happy both with the process and the result.

Some of the key considerations I cover are:

  1. Style: I discuss different styles and how these will help reflect your organisation’s culture and project the right image for you to your clients and stakeholders.
  2. Location: finding a suitable location is key not only to deliver the right style of photograph, but also in terms of practical considerations. Office locations are usually relatively straightforward, but this is especially important with outdoor locations where factors such as lighting, wet or windy weather alternatives, access and permits, and comfort factors such as access to bathrooms are all easily overlooked.
  3. Briefing the subjects: I provide a short document to share with the subjects to help them prepare for the shoot and get the best photos of them. I’ve done a full post here on this as there are several factors to consider.
  4. Schedule: scheduling the subjects ensures that people don’t miss out or have to wait, and enables me to keep track of who has been photographed. I advise on how long I’ll need for each subject depending on the brief, and I’ll keep track on the day so the organiser can be free to get on with other work.

I work through all the important considerations at the outset, and I also provide this in a short document to all my clients so you can refer to it at any time.

My aim is not only to give you the very best images, but also to support you through the whole process and give you a great experience.

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