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Why Corporate Portrait Photography is Important

High quality corporate portrait photography featuring the key staff of a business is important for your company for a variety of reasons.

For one thing, these photos are often the first impression that a potential client or business partner notices about your business, so it’s critical to ensure the photos make a great impression.

At a basic level, a professional profile photograph enables the viewer to know what the subject looks like. People will recognise you when they meet you. Even if they don’t meet you, they can ‘put a face to a name’. Psychologically it makes a huge difference to ‘see’ who we’re speaking to and interacting with via email or messaging services.

But this is probably not the most important factor. There are other important things can that a business portrait can convey.

First, a good business portrait will convey confidence and success, and thereby impress and instil confidence in the viewer.

Second, a business portrait can convey what the business does and what kind of culture the business has.

To describe what the business does we can include this within the shot, for example through the clothing the subject is wearing or through the choice of location. As an example, for a restaurant we might photograph the head chef wearing their uniform, or in the kitchen, or both.

To convey the business culture is more subtle and is achieved through a variety of means including the style of lighting, the clothing, the location, the subject’s expression, and the colour scheme.

So we can see that it’s crucial to get a corporate headshot right because it communicates so much about a person and their business.

A corporate portrait does not just tell us what someone looks like. It’s a great way to convey a lot more about the person and business.

It’s therefore critical to make sure that these photos are telling the right story.

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