Hair and Makeup Tips for Looking Great in Your Headshot

Ever had an important photoshoot coming up, but you can’t decide what makeup to wear and a hairstyle to go with it?

It’s tough if you’re a first-timer knowing how to make makeup look good in photos. That’s why we’ve compiled the best makeup tips for a photoshoot

If you’re a model or someone in business, you’ll be sure to use these tips for your next headshots!

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What You Need to Prepare

When looking at a headshot, the first thing a person will see in your image is your face, hair, and outfit. That’s why it’s better to plan ahead in advance.

The best hair and makeup tips we have are not, strictly speaking, about your hair and makeup. Instead, it’s to take time off to pamper yourself, preferably two or three days before the day of your photoshoot. Treating yourself to a face massage can help remove stress and wrinkles

It’s essential not to do this on the day of the shoot or even the day before, as sometimes you can get some skin irritation and of course this won’t look good on the shoot! After a couple of days, though, any redness or reactions to products will have calmed down.

We also recommend washing your hair a couple of days before. Hair always seems to look best a couple of days after washing, unless it’s being styled by a professional. A blow dry either the day before or on the day is also a great idea. 


When choosing a style, you must first consider that people must recognise you in that style. 

So, if you always tie your hair into a bun at work, we recommend you rock that look in your photoshoot.

Not only is it comfortable, but it is also natural to look at since people consistently see you in that style every day. They see that look in meetings, presentations, photos, and even social events. It’s a style that works well for you, so there’s no need to deviate.

Facial Hair

When it comes to facial hair, it all depends on your preference. If you want to look clean-shaven for your headshot, we recommend shaving a few hours before so your skin can rest and any shaving rashes fade. However, if needed we can always retouch any redness.

However, if you don’t shave daily then you can go for that unshaven look. It can add texture and character to your photos, and again it’s how people usually see you.

And if you have a beard, make sure you’re well-trimmed before your shot!


When doing a headshot, it’s best if people can instantly recognise you in your photos. Like your hairstyle, it’s usually best to avoid vibrant or over-the-top choices; too much make up can look terrible on camera.

Your headshot should capture the best of you – a look people see from you daily, but tweaked so that you stand out for the right reasons.

And what better way to showcase that than by using neutral colours?

Neutral colours work on any skin, occupation, and situation. Headshot makeup like that subtly implies that you’re on your natural look, and that’s why they’re your go-to choice when choosing colours.

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