How to Pose for Your Corporate Headshot

If you’re a first-timer or a regular on corporate headshots, you know how nerve-wracking it is to prepare and shoot the perfect photo. However, the solution might be more straightforward than it looks.

In this guide, we’ve got you covered because here are three tips that will help you learn how to pose for your corporate headshot. 

If you’re an aspiring photographer, you’ll also know how to take a good headshot.

So, let’s dive right in!

Corporate headshot of a smiling professional female on a plain white background

Stay Relaxed

Once a photographer starts taking professional headshots, everything must be perfect; poses should be natural, faces should be relaxed, with a genuine warm smile.

Now, people might get intimidated by that environment, and that’s completely normal because for many people it’s natural to get tense when feeling under pressure.

What happens to their body is that their posture gets stiff and unnatural, and this will come through in the photo.

That’s alright! Everybody gets a little tense in photoshoots, especially if it’s their first time posing for one.

What you can do to remedy that is to stay relaxed as much as possible, and you can do lots of things to keep calm; it’s up to your personal preference.

The easiest one you can do to relax is to control your breathing. When you do a couple of slow, deep breaths, your shoulders will relax, and your face feels more confident once the air exit your lungs. 

Just so you know, it may not look like it’s doing much, but the camera can see these tiny details!

Mind Your Posture

A relaxed mood comes with good posture. Posture is crucial for successful corporate photoshoot poses because:

  1.  It says a lot about what you’re feeling through body language.
  2. You can know which angles look best on you.

What you can do to achieve good posture is to avoid slouching and keep your shoulders relaxed. 

On your photo shoot, avoid standing straight on to the camera. These “awkward” poses, like a soldier standing to attention, can make you look like stiff and don’t translate well in a photo.

What you can do instead is to try the best poses for photos that are more dynamic.

We’re talking about everyday gestures that convey the most natural capture of moments of movement. You can try one by leaning slightly forward or crossing your arms as they shoot your photo so your poses don’t feel inanimate to the camera.

Have Fun!

Last but not least is to whip out a smile and enjoy the process. Who said that photoshoots can’t be fun?

We’re serious! When a client is relaxed and happy, the photographer can work quickly and get the shots taken efficiently.

However, we know it’s challenging to force a smile, and even harder when you’re in front of someone holding a camera. Photographers don’t want that since that’s not natural.

Don’t worry though, good photographers know that problem and are friendly and chatty with you. 

How? It’s easy. All it takes is one good joke to crack a smile!

Here at Jesse Taylor Photography, we feel the same way. That’s why we do our best to make you comfortable so that you’ll always have a friend in us. Contact us and book your dream photoshoot today!

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