How to Prepare for Your Executive Portrait Session

Let us ask you a question, have you ever wondered how to take professional headshots? Photos that are so high quality it’s surprising. The secret is in the preparation for your portrait.

In this guide, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of how to prepare for your professional headshots!

Three Things to Prepare for a Great Executive Portrait

There are three main factors you need to look out for so that you can make your photo shoot a success: your clothes, your face, and your attitude.



In professional headshots, the face is the focal point of your image. There’s no right and wrong with makeup, you should wear makeup that you feel comfortable with. That said, for executive portraits I do recommend keeping things fairly natural as too little is better than too much. You want makeup that’s appropriate for work rather than a big night out!

This also makes it quicker and easier preparing for your shoot and you won’t need so many touch ups once we start.


To make sure we don’t run into further problems during the photo shoot, you can get your hair styled before you arrive on set. If you’re concerned about your hair, you can even get your hair done in a professional salon the day before.

This also applies to facial hair. Make sure you’ll trim your nose hairs, eyebrows and beard the morning of your shoot. Always remember, a little grooming can make you look great on camera!


Last but not least are your glasses. Make sure they are clean and in good repair – they need to be free of any scratches and to sit straight on your face. If you have more than one pair of glasses we can use them for different looks, and some people like to have shots both with and without glasses.


In executive photoshoots, there are a variety of factors we have to look out for.

We recommend bringing a few different options so we can get some different looks during the shoot. That includes your shirts, suits, dresses, blazers, tops and any accessories like scarves, tie clips, broaches or pocket squares. You can even try different watches to change things up even more.

You can mix and match with what you want, and you can discuss options with your photographer so you’re getting genuine feedback. Most things can work, but there are a few things such as asymmetric clothing that are more challenging and don’t always translate well into a still image.

A rule of thumb is to wear solid colours that contrast, especially if you want to do a B&W-styled photoshoot. Having it clean, pressed, and stored in a safe place is a great way to stay organised when you’re ready to go.


Stress is a bummer to work with, and if you add fatigue into the mix, the result is you’ll be look several years older than you really are in your photo.

Luckily, there are three things that can help you negate that haggard look:

Hitting the hay early in the days before the photo shoot can significantly boost your mood and not only makes you appear less tired but you actually are less tired! Drinking plenty of water so that you are well hydrated makes your skin look better.

Before you get to the venue, we often advise people that aside from being prepared, it’s always important to have fun. That’s why as our last tip, we also recommend wearing your biggest smile for the day. Happy people take great photos.

Here at Jesse Taylor Photography, we do the thinking for you. Gone are the days that you stress over your outfit, or if a particular look suits you well, because we have you covered. Book a schedule today and find out what we’re talking about!

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