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Making a first good impression on your target audience is vital for your business and for you as an individual. If you want to impress your audience, you need to make sure that you catch their attention visually. And the best way to visually appeal to someone is through a headshot photo.

Everyone wants to look good in their pictures, especially if they’re trying to impress their clients or a potential employer. As a photographer, I have captured countless pictures of men who want to create the best image of themselves and to leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

So, whether you’re a model, an employee, an entrepreneur, or a business owner who wants to show their audience both their professional and their human side, I suggest considering a male headshot photography session.

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Why Consider Male Headshot Photography?

Men who want to look their best in their headshot photos and impress their target audience should consider male headshot photography. Why? Here are the reasons:

Builds Trust

Your main goal as an individual or company is to build and earn your client’s trust. To do that, you will have to use high-quality images that will show them you are trustworthy and worthy of their investment. A male headshot photoshoot will allow you to get high-quality headshot photos that you can use in many ways to impress your audience.

Creates a Professional Image

Another great thing about a professional headshot photo is that it can allow you to look professional in your field, which will help persuade your audience to invest in you or choose you among others. People will avoid picking someone or investing in businesses with metaphorical shady backgrounds, so it’s best to avoid using poor-quality images.

Improves Online Presence

Aside from your portfolio, you can also use these headshot photos on your website or social accounts — like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Using high-quality images will not just attract more visitors to your website but it will also immediately indicate to the potential clients that you are professional and credible.

Get The Best Male Headshots

As a professional photographer specialising in portrait and headshot photography, I have worked with thousands of men in my entire career. Most of my male clients get their male headshots from me because they know how vital it is in giving their businesses or careers a boost.

Working with a professional photographer will allow you to enjoy a hassle-free and relaxed photo shoot. Not to mention that you are guaranteed to have high-quality headshot photos like no other.

My approach to photography is relaxed and calm, because I believe that if I am relaxed then so are my clients. You and I will work together to create the best headshot for you.

I don’t just take a photo of you looking good, I also capture the essence of your personal brand. I make sure that you get the best and most unique headshot photo that will help you stand out from the crowd.

And if you are an entrepreneur, I can help you deliver your message to your target audience so you can share your brand’s story with them in a clear and positive way.

Experience Male Headshot Photography Sydney

Male headshot photography can give you a lot of benefits. It will not only boost your impact on your target audience, it can also give you the confidence to put yourself out there knowing that you will stand out from the crowd.

Male headshot photography is as important as other types of photography, especially when you’re trying to impress a crowd and grow your business in the most cost-effective way.

It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in or what role you play as an individual, having your headshot photos taken by a professional will surely boost your business and help you stand out. In a good way!

So if you’re ready to have your portrait photos taken, visit my site Jesse Taylor Photography today.

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Used to influence monetary opportunities, directly or indirectly. For actors and models, it is a direct influence. Their headshot commonly serves as their main marketing tool to get cast for paying roles or shoots


I specialise in commercial portrait photography, meaning that I spend the much of my time working with talent. This might be in house talent, such as key staff, or it could be professional talent hired for the assignment. Either way, one of my skills is to get the very best out of that person.

I am able to build a relationship with someone quickly, to communicate what I need from them, and to get the very best out of them. I pride myself on being able to deliver outstanding results with the minimum amount of fuss.


I offer professional commercial and corporate photography services. The vast majority of my work is undertaken on location, usually at client premises or client sites. I can also access a range of studios and other commercial spaces where required.

I have developed relationships with a range of highly skilled and experienced professionals in related industries, including hair and make up artists (HMUAs), stylists, assistants, digi techs, and videographers.

I can make all the arrangements with these people, or am happy to pass on their details so you can contact them directly – just get in touch and I’ll connect you.


Commercial Photography is about creating images for marketing and advertising. It’s about selling, whether it’s a product, a service, a lifestyle, or an idea.
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Corporate Photography includes corporate headshots and executive portraits, as well as creating images to be used across a range of media and for a multitude of purposes.
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Fitness photography is about showcasing healthy lifestyles and amazing physiques.
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Executive portraits are a key component for leaders and entrepreneurs looking to communicate their personal and professional brand.
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Corporate headshots are a key component for leaders and entrepreneurs looking to communicate their personal and professional brand.
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Sydney Photography is one of the world’s most photogenic cities. From the beaches and parklands to the City, and with National Parks and mountains just a short distance away, Sydney offers incredible diversity.
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Many businesses use industrial photography as a key way to impress their potential customers. With its many benefits, companies and businesses that use industrial photography are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and against their competitors.
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Personal branding photography allows entrepreneurs to connect with their clients and tell their brand’s story through photos. These personal branding photos can be used in many ways, such as promoting your website, increasing your social media presence or in other marketing materials.
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Studio photography allows the photographer to have ultimate creative control of photos. There are no rain checks in a photo studio. The wind doesn’t ruin anyone’s hair. The light doesn’t change. Everything can be controlled and locked down. This means studio photography offers the opportunity to create consistent images in a timely manner.
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As a professional commercial and corporate photographer based in Sydney, I’m perfectly located to cover assignments in this beautiful and vibrant city. The cities offer hugely varied architecture while the landscapes range from deserts to tropical rainforest, and from coral reefs to mountains. “The Lucky Country” provides the perfect backdrop to just about any photography assignment.

We are based in Sydney and while most of our shoots are relatively local we do regularly travel throughout NSW, interstate and internationally for our clients.

We have some information on pricing here. For a quote please get in touch via our contact form or call us on 1300 285 198

Bring a few different outfits that have different cuts, styles and colours. Think about which parts of your body want to show off and ensure that the clothing will work.

There’s no strict definition for either term, and they are often used interchangeably along with similar terms such as professional photos or business photos.

Broadly, a headshot is more about what someone looks like and is generally a tighter shot of the head and shoulders. It is often shot against a plain background and the subject is usually looking directly at the camera. On most social media platforms the photo is square or circular.

A portrait meanwhile might show more of a person, both literally and figuratively. Crucially, a portrait will often seek to communicate more than just what someone looks like and tell us more about who they are. The setting is often environmental, such as a place of work, and might tell us about their job or role.

Headshots are well suited to social media profiles, staff photos on client communications, internal comms, or staff directories. Portraits might be used to tell a more in depth story about specific individuals and are typically used in external communications such as annual reports, PR or marketing materials.

Once we know how the photos will be used we can discuss different options with you to deliver the images you need.

We are able to arrange a hair and make-up artist to be on site for the shoot, however please note that a full makeover takes 30-45 minutes per person at a minimum. Often a quick touch up service for both men and women is all that’s needed.

Even without a professional HMUA on the shoot, we know a few tricks to help people look great (think powder, blotting tissue, lint roller, hair spray, etc).

 We have professional photographic lighting equipment which we bring to your location. and can set up an “on-site” studio or we can use the office environment as the backdrop. We are often shooting on location

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