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Outdoor Corporate Headshots – The Final Image by Jesse Taylor – Sydney Photographer

On Monday I shared a “behind the scenes” shot from an outdoor corporate headshots shoot I recently did for ninemsn (Mi9).

Here’s the final shot of the subject you saw posing, and also the story behind the shoot.

Example of outdoor corporate headshots shot for ninemsn by Jesse Taylor, Sydney photographer
Final image from ninemsn shoot at Australia Square

ninemsn didn’t want traditional headshots on a plain background. During our discussions my contact in the communications department stated that she wanted the photos to have a more relaxed feel that better reflects their corporate culture.

First we explored some options around the office, before considering whether to try and find an outdoor location for the shoot. However, I was conscious that their senior staff are busy and can’t take much time out for a photoshoot, so the location needed to be right by their offices at Australia Square.

We went to look outside on a 2nd floor balcony and we decided that this would be a suitable location with several different options.

There were three key considerations when choosing this location:

  1. First, we needed to stay in one location, so that staff could easily find us.
  2. Second, the location needed to have different options so that I would be able to vary the background and make sure that each photo was unique for that subject.
  3. Finally, I needed to bear in mind that the sun would be moving during the course of the shoot, changing the light on both subject and background. I had to be sure that I could easily adapt to this without changing the set up too much and wasting time.

This location met our three criteria. I was confident that I would be able to efficiently create images with a consistent look and feel but with each being slightly different and hence unique for each subject.

Even though Sydney CBD is a bit of a concrete jungle I work hard to find great angles for my clients to meet their brief. The background here does not distract from the subject, and the result is a modern, contemporary corporate portrait that took just a few minutes of this busy person’s time.


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