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Corporate Headshots Photography for Facebook by Jesse Taylor – Sydney Photographer

Corporate Headshots Photography in Sydney

I was recently commissioned by Facebook Australia to undertake corporate headshot photography for their key spokespeople and other key staff.

Corporate headshot photography of Facebook employee
Business Portrait at Facebook’s Sydney office

Corporate headshots are most often used on my clients’ own websites, but Facebook don’t have a website. They’ve got Facebook!

In this case, the primary use Facebook had for the photos was for publicity. That is, they distribute the photographs to external publications to be used in media space, such as editorial departments of magazines, newspapers, newsletters, journals and websites. They also use them as photos to accompany bios for speakers at conferences and presentations.

Having discussed the brief with the client, we were hoping to be able to shoot outside on the terraces overlooking Sydney Harbour and the CBD. Unfortunately it was raining on the day so this wasn’t possible. However, this wasn’t a problem as Facebook’s Sydney office is wonderfully designed – contemporary, innovative, raw and full of possibilities to create unique photos that help showcase Facebook’s talent and help them stand out from the crowd. In fact, the design was a winner at the Melbourne Design Awards.

Corporate headshot photography of Facebook employee
Corporate headshot in front of graffiti art at Facebook’s Sydney office

As well as graffiti walls such as seen in the photo above, there are also contemporary artworks that provide a colourful backdrop to headshots.

Corporate headshot photography of Facebook employee
Corporate headshot in front of modern artwork at Facebook’s Sydney office

There are also areas where the background is more neutral, so I was easily able to create different headshots for the subjects. Facebook could then have a variety of headshots for each subject to use depending on the media or audience.

Corporate headshot photography of Facebook employee
Corporate headshot at Facebook’s Sydney office

I love shooting in innovative environments such as Facebook’s office as it allows me to create unique and engaging images for my clients and portraits that capture both the individual and also the brand personality.

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