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Commercial & Corporate Photography Pricing

As every shoot has its own unique requirements we provide tailored quotes based on a solid understanding of your needs. Location, equipment and personnel required can all have an impact on cost.

I’m happy to meet with you in person or over the phone in advance of providing a no obligation quote to develop an understanding of your unique requirements. 

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Corporate Headshot Photography Pricing

Our headshot photography is priced based principally on time. In consultation with you we will estimate how long your shoot will take and quote accordingly.

Within this time frame we will photograph as many people in as many poses with as many looks in as many locations as you want! 

We edit the images for any blinks etc, and make any necessary adjustments for brightness, contrast, colour, etc before sending through high resolution files.  

While these photos are “ready to use”, most of our clients then choose their favourites for retouching / touch ups, so that everyone looks their very best on your website, LinkedIn, marketing collateral, etc.

Fitness Photography Pricing

Commercial shoots are priced according to the unique requirements of the shoot, as described above.

We offer competitively priced shoots to individuals and models looking to update their portfolios or for non-commercial use. 

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