The Importance of Lighting in Commercial Photography

Are you a business owner that needs a little convincing and you’re having a hard time deciding to buy dedicated lighting equipment? Say no more. Good lighting is essential for creating a successful commercial photoshoot. 

So, if you’re a photographer or an entrepreneur trying to find photography lighting ideas for your product, then you’ve come to the right place because here are 3 reasons why lighting is essential in Commercial Photography.

Commercial photo of female model walking out of sea in dress1. Lighting Makes Your Product Appealing

Imagine this. In front of you, there are two product photos. One is functional yet poorly lit, and the other is an otherwise standard product, but the lighting makes it more professional-looking. 

In the eyes of the buyer, most people would choose the latter since it creates the illusion of making your product look more “premium” than its competitors. It adds a layer of magic that draws your customers to your product since it is pleasing to the eye. 

Lighting can also increase your product’s popularity, especially if you plan to sell it on e-commerce websites since people prefer better-looking products. 

 That’s why good lighting comes a long way, and lighting in photography is the first thing photographers would consider in photoshoots. It highlights every perfect feature it can offer to the product. 

Although lighting can hide the smallest imperfections and blemishes, just be careful not to disappoint your customers and overdo it so much that it’s nowhere near the actual product!

2. Lighting

Whether you have a solid backdrop or a beautiful outdoor background to go with your product, it will not look pretty in the end if you neglect to light it. Why? Because backgrounds can remove focus from the product itself, lighting can balance that out by brightening or dimming the surroundings. 

If you’re having your photoshoot outdoors, learning a thing or two about natural light photography can elevate the lighting quality of your shoot.

3. Lighting Creates a Mood

Everyone knows this technique, but it’s still crucial to making a successful photoshoot. Lighting can create and influence the mood, texture, and atmosphere of a product you’re portraying, and proper lighting can achieve that in many ways.

However, creating the mood is the first thing to consider when doing a commercial photoshoot since it dictates what your product is trying to portray. A product without the appropriate air to accompany it would not bring out the best features it will have to offer the consumer.

The goal is to have a setup that perfectly accommodates photography lighting ideas. If you want people to see your product as clean and sleek, photographers will use these big photography lights to fill up the backdrop. 

Alternatively, If you want to evoke a dark and mysterious tone, they would dim the area and use backlights more to create that mood.

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