The Role of Retouching in Headshot Photography

Are you an entrepreneur curious about why photographers retouch your corporate headshots, or perhaps you’re someone who wants to get into modelling and build up your brand image? 

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered in this guide. Here is a comprehensive explanation of why the retouching process plays an essential part in building a successful headshot!

Contemporary corporate headshot of professional woman on red background

The Purpose of Retouching

When you think about it, people only see your face when they’re either talking to you or looking at your photograph. When you’re talking to someone, they typically don’t notice things as much, but they do when looking at a photo. In this crucial moment, people will tend to notice the features they don’t usually see.

Photo retouching is important because it eliminates that problem. Some clients prefer getting their photos retouched because they’re insecure about an unavoidable blemish or they want to look fresh and untouched by stress. 

However, it all boils down to one thing; retouching photos is vital in making you look your best, and, most importantly, impressive in the eyes of your employees and clients. They don’t want to do business with someone with a headshot that looks like they just rolled out of bed!

Instead, they prefer someone who looks confident and reliable and screams, “I’m someone you want to do business with!” And what better way to show that is through having your photo taken and polished by retouching?

What Retouching Does

When photographers retouch photos, you can think of them as sculptors. And you, their marble.

Tough day at work and have bags under your eyes? Has a giant pimple erupted on the day of your photoshoot? That’s not a problem anymore.

Retouching ensures you look the best version of yourself. What photographers do is they grab all the unwanted things in your photo and then proceed to throw them out the window.

What is Better: Professional or DIY Retouching?

In the business world, professional retouching is, of course, better every step of the way. 

However, the concept of “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) retouching has increased over the past few years. There are even several editing software apps available online that make it easier to touch up your photos yourself.

While it’s fun seeing people learn since people can access retouching tutorials or articles online, it can also harm your image in the long run. 

Some people are even willing to cut corners just to save a few dollars by DIY retouching their headshots. Then they use it for their websites, profile pictures, resumes, and the like. Most of the time, they look worse than the unedited version.

That’s why skimping out on your photo is a big no-no, especially if you plan on using it to build up your brand image. 


If you’re on a platform where people can see your photos daily, it’s best left to the professionals since someone specialising in that field could make you look infinitely better. 

As a starting point, we recommend that you try out retouching for yourself to get a general gist of the process. If you think taking it to a professional can help you look more presentable for future business prospects, then go for it; It’s your image we’re talking about. You have to look stunning!

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