What to Wear for Your Fitness Photo Session

As athletes, bodybuilders, or aspiring models, sometimes we want to commemorate that period of our lives by taking a professional picture of ourselves.

Want to book a fitness shoot but don’t know what to wear to compliment that rocking body? We got you covered. In a fitness photoshoot, what you wear is up to you; the world is your oyster! Here are the tips and tricks on what to wear that will make you stand out!

What to Wear


When it comes to fitness photos. We want to expose as much skin as possible since we aim to show off your hard-earned physique and commemorate it through the camera lens.

Generally, using T-shirts is ok, but most photographers prefer you to wear something that better highlights your cut features, like a vest or, even better, going shirtless.


For women, the safe option is dressing up in sports bras and shorts or leggings since it’s what people usually wear when they hit the gym. For sports bras, it’s recommended to have a couple of different options, so we can choose that work best for different shots. For example, different straps will better reveal tone in your back.

If you want to be daring, using unconventional clothing like swimwear in a fitness shoot is not uncommon. It functions similarly to gym clothes but is more revealing.

Plus, swimwear is not restricted to the beach or the pool; many clients are comfortable in their bathing suits and bikinis, so it’s up to you if you’re ready for that choice.

What to Avoid

Too Tight Clothing

One thing in choosing what to wear for your gym photoshoot is to consider tight clothes that highlight your muscles but not to the point that it restricts your movement or causes any bulges in the wrong places. 

This is important since we want to ensure you’re still comfortable while taking your photo. It is also bothersome and unrealistic on the lens. 

Another thing, since we may be using multiple outfits, it’s also crucial to ensure you don’t have visible marks from the previous look.

Loose Clothes

The same thing applies to loose and baggy clothing. We want to focus on showing off your physique as much as possible. Baggy or ill fitting clothing actually does the opposite of what we’re trying to capture.

Not only does it hide your well-earned physique, but it also destroys the concept of a fitness photoshoot altogether. You don’t see pictures of fitness models wearing baggy clothing in their shots now, do you? Exactly.

Vibrant Patterns and Colours

In fitness photography, this is a general guideline everyone can follow: it’s best to avoid bright and flashy patterns, visible brands and logos.

Sure, they’re fantastic to include in a shot since it makes you unique. However, just like loose clothing, it does the opposite.

They divert viewers’ attention from your hard earned physique and toward these distracting factors, which is not what we want in a successful fitness photoshoot.

Too much colour can be confusing; one rule of thumb is to wear solid colours. They’re easy on the eyes and help complement your figure, but not too much that it draws away any attention. Keep it simple.

And last but not least is to-

Make Sure Everything is Clean and Pressed

Prepare everything ahead of time and check that what you’ll wear to the photoshoot is ready.

That also means not only that your clothes are clean and crease free, but also that there are no stains and marks, loose threads, and that they don’t look too warn. If you’re doing a full-body shot, your trainers need to be spick and span as well. Dirty shoes are the first noticeable thing that appears in a photo, so be extra sure on this one!

Here at Jesse Taylor Photography, we make sure to go over these factors. It’s the little things that matter the most! Book a schedule and have your fitness photo taken today.