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Headshot Photographer

Corporate headshots, corporate portraits, profile photos, LinkedIn photos, business headshots, business portraits, staff headshots, professional headshots….. Whatever you call them, I know what you’re talking about!


Corporate headshots are my bread and butter. I have photographed literally thousands of people over many years.

I have photographed chefs in kitchens. I have photographed tradesmen on construction sites. I have photographed chairmen in boardrooms. I have photographed dentists in dental surgeries. I have photographed executives at the top of very tall buildings. I have photographed artists in studios. I have photographed scientists in laboratories. And I have photographed staff in offices. A lot of staff in a lot of offices.

Some days I shoot 120 people against a white background, capturing great portraits of each and every one of them in just 2-3 minutes each.

Other days I shoot just the CEO, and if I’m really lucky I’ll have half an hour to get a range of creative shots.


Let’s not even talk about what cameras I use. These days just about any camera has the technical specs to give great results so long as you know which button to press.

And technical photography and lighting skills make up about 1% of what it takes to make a great portrait.

A great attention to detail and solid posing skills are also needed, but these so far we’ve only covered off what’s needed to create technically good photos.

By far the most important factor in a great headshot is interpersonal skills.

I pride myself on making people feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera when that’s the last place they want to be. Few people look forward to getting their corporate photo taken, but a lot of people find that they actually quite enjoy it when they’re working with a great photographer.

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Gone are the mottled backdrops of yesteryear. Nowadays it’s all about being ‘fresh’ and ‘clean’.

Many of my clients like a plain background, and white is by far the most popular. These images are flexible, and it makes it easy to update libraries as new people join the business.

Another modern corporate photography trend is to create environmental portraits, shooting people in the context of the business or their role. These allow people and organisations to tell a deeper story about themselves.

You can see examples of different styles of headshots in my portfolios.


I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years and can confidently say that I am an expert in helping real people relax and look their best. My photos tell their story.

I've worked with iconic brands across Australia

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