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Fitness Photography

Fitness photography is about showcasing healthy lifestyles and amazing physiques.


I have broad experience in fitness photography, working with big brands such as Rebel Sports and helping new activewear brands such as Rooki Australia.

I’ve worked with sports clubs, yoga studios, athletes, personal trainers and fitness models.

And I’ve worked with fitness competitors and gym bunnies wanting to capture themselves at their peak physique.


I shoot in studios, in gyms, and out on location, so can create whatever images you want or put together a diverse range of images across different locations.

I have relationships with several gyms and can help arrange access to somewhere suitable for your shoot.

I can also advise on outdoor locations that will help us create the images you’re looking for.


Whether you’re a brand looking for a big commercial shoot with all the bells and whistles, a model looking to update your portfolio, or an individual looking for to record your fitness journey, I can put together a quote to suit your needs.

Everyone has a different story to tell. I’d love to help you tell yours.

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I've worked with iconic brands across Australia

Fitness Photography Portfolio
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